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Bee on flowering tree

Trees for Bees – Vendors

Here’s a good list of places where the recommended trees and shrubs are available for purchase. Contact us here if you have additions to this list. What trees are good for bees?Georgia nurseries selling bee-friendly trees: Nearly Native Nursery: - GeorgiaJim and Debi are serious about native plants and are broadly supportive of this initiative to help plant trees for bees. Other nurseries selling bee-friendly trees: Rock Bridge Trees: - Tennessee“Trees for Bees” is the secondary logo. Dave Hughes is serious about helping the bees and knows how: plant more trees! Honey Tree Nursery: - MichiganMike Connor is…

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Junior Beekeeper Programs

Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association’s Junior Beekeeper programs are unique opportunities for children ages 6* – 13 to experience hands-on learning about honey bees, how they live, and how they make honey. Children will learn all about honey bees and beekeeping using a variety of methods before suiting up in protective gear and visiting a beehive with an experienced beekeeper! The day ends after extracting honey from a hive and participants are sent home with a personalized certificate, small bottle of honey, and other bee related goodies. Each program runs from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Participants must register in advance.…

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Plant a Tree; Save the Bees

Trees for Bees

Most people know that bees need nectar from flowers to survive. But what kind of flowers? A small leafy plant that flowers is called a forb, and that’s what most people think plants need. But bees don’t get most of their nectar from forbs – bees get most of their nectar from trees! And trees will not only have more flowers than forbs, but their flowers will have more nectar per flower as well. Trees also provide shade and habitat for other wildlife, too. Most trees that provide nectar bloom in the spring, but the time that bees are suffering…

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Beyond Keeping Bees MABA members share information at public events

Become a Volunteer for MABA

Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association is powered solely by volunteers. Join us! You will learn a lot about bees and beekeeping, meet interesting people, and have fun too. Everyone has something to give. There are many ways to volunteer: Man a MABA table at festivals and community events Get donations for the annual auction Help setup/cleanup at MABA events Assist with the Jr. Beekeepers Program Speak at an elementary school Serve on the Executive Board Be the A/V guy Help with the Beekeeping Short Course, Hive Inspections, Extraction Equipment Rentals, Essay Contest, Honey Contests, Annual Auction, and much more. Help maintain…

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Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association, Inc. is both an all volunteer organization and a 501(c)(3) Corporation. That means that your donation is not only tax deductible but that the entirety of your donation goes toward supporting beekeeping and educating the public in the value of honey bees and native pollinators.You will receive an email confirmation and a receipt for your records in the mail.By Credit Card or Paypal   By CheckPlease make checks payable to Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association, Inc. and mail to:Treasurer562 Rue MontaigneStone Mountain, 30083NAME________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________________________________ CITY_______________________________________________________STATE____________________ ZIP_______________________PHONE NUMBER_____________________________________________ 

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Hans @ Pixabay, honey jars in sunlight showing different colors, liquid and creamed honey

Buy Local Honey & Hive Products / Services

The following is a list of Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Club members that sell honey as well as other products of the hive. We do hope you will patronize our members who have worked hard to produce these products from their bees.If you are a MABA member and you wish to have your honey bee products listed here, please fill out this form. There is no extra charge for this membership benefit.

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Myriams-Fotos @ Pixabay, bumble bee covered in pollen on pink dahlia flower

Help the Bees

You don't need to keep bees to help bees Seek Knowledge Get a field guide to local insects and use it on hikes. It is amazing how a little knowledge and familiarity can dispel a large amount of fear and repulsion. Share Knowledge Let your friends know that these vegetarian honey bees are not out to get them. Rather, we depend on them for our standard of living. Walk on the Wild Side Allow a little wildness to creep back into your yard and garden. Dandelions and clover may look like weeds to you but to bees they are dinner.…

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