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Give a Swarm a good home

Got a honey bee swarm? Our beekeeper volunteers can give unwanted honey bee swarms a proper home. Call MABA Swarm Commander Dave Marshall at 812-369-0401 A.S.A.P before the swarm flies off to its new home.  Before you call, please have the following information:How long has the swarm been at this location?What is the exact address of the property where the swarm is located?How high off the ground is the swarm?Is the swarm in a structure or on a tree, bush, fence etc.?What size is it? Softball? Cantaloupe? Football? Basketball?Is there a phone number where you can be reached?Can you take a photo of the…

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balouriarajesh @ Pixabay, bee swarm in tree

About Honey Bee Swarms

Honey bees are the only type of bee that swarms. It is a reproductive strategy of the bees, creating two or more new colonies from the original one. Swarming occurs mostly in the spring to enable the newly established colony sufficient time to gather sufficient food (nectar/honey) to survive the coming winter. The swarmed bees form a temporary cluster or bivouac prior to moving into more permanent housing. While the bees bivouac, scout bees are searching the area looking for an optimal new home. Thomas Seeley's book Honey Bee Democracy tells the fascinating story of how he determined what a honey bee's…

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Don’t hurt that swarm!

If you think you may have a swarm of honey bees, do not molest the swarm or kill them. Honey bees are the state insect of Georgia and are protected by law in the State of Georgia. You may decide to do nothing if you have a swarm. As a rule, the swarm will identify a new nesting site on its own and will move to it within twenty-four hours. However, having the swarm removed by a MABA member is preferred because: The honey bee colony is less likely to end up making their home in somebody's house The colony is more…

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maria-anne @ Pixabay, beekeeper catching swarm on tree branch

Want to be a Swarm Chaser?

MABA members can simply request to be added to the club's swarm list.  You will indicate how high you are willing to climb to retrieve a swarm and where you live.  The swarm list manager will make the call based on queue order, location, and preferences. Swarm calls come in at all hours. If you are on the swarm list, you may be called at any time. Being on the swarm list does not guarantee that you will receive a call - swarm seasons can vary greatly. Those on the MABA swarm list must be current members, have the equipment…

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