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2020 Beekeeper of the Year – Jimmy Gatt

Jimmy Gatt is a Georgia Journeyman Beekeeper and recently elected Vice President of Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association. He is an active member of the club and has led Certified and Journeyman classes and the online Facebook mentoring group for MABA.  Jimmy also partners with Trees Atlanta to promote summer-blooming, nectar-bearing trees. The MABA beekeeper of the year is someone who has not only demonstrated and promoted good beekeeping, but who also has served the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association as an outstanding volunteer. To nominate someone for this year’s award (2021), fill out this form by September 1.  The award will…

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Hive Inspections

Join Us in a Hive Inspection at a Mentoring Apiary MABA Hive Inspections are a valuable opportunity for members to go through a hive with an experienced beekeeper at one of our Mentoring Apiaries in the Atlanta area. These events are free for MABA members. The non-member fee is $15. thanks to Shannon Henson for creating this video from a MABA hive inspection led by Steve Esau on the Tapestry Community property in Ormewood Park on May 14, 2016. To view the video at YouTube, click here.How to sign up for a hive inspectionLook at the list of available dates in…

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Buy Local Honey & Hive Products / Services

The following is a list of Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Club members that sell honey as well as other products of the hive. We do hope you will patronize our members who have worked hard to produce these products from their bees.If you are a MABA member and you wish to have your honey bee products listed here, please fill out this form. There is no extra charge for this membership benefit.

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Hans @ Pixabay, honey jars in sunlight showing different colors, liquid and creamed honey

Honey Contests

Beekeepers like to compete with each other with their honey and other hive products. At MABA these products are assessed by judges with internationally recognized qualifications and cash prizes are awarded.Current MABA members are welcome to participate in our annual Honey Show, which takes place during our Potluck Social in September. Best in Show is Awarded $250, then in each category 1st Place is Awarded $100, Second Place is awarded $50 and Third Place is awarded $25, in addition to Ribbons and Prize Cards (Black Jar and Novice classes are only awarded 1st Place Ribbons, Prize Cards and $100). General…

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Extraction Equipment Rentals

Everything you need to extract honey from frames The club currently has two sets of extraction equipment that can be rented by members for $10/day with a $20 deposit. The sets are positioned in midtown and GA400 North Fulton county. Approximate Equipment Checklist Stainless steel hand crank extractor, 2-frame, with screen, holding tank, and stand. It can hold 4 shallow frames. 5 gallon bucket with honey gate and lid Two nylon sieves, one course, one fine Uncapping Knife (heated) In Box Capping Scratcher Nesting uncapping and straining tanks with Wooden Cross Bar Members renting the equipment will need to provide their…

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Want to be a Swarm Chaser?

MABA members can simply request to be added to the club's swarm list.  You will indicate how high you are willing to climb to retrieve a swarm and where you live.  The swarm list manager will make the call based on queue order, location, and preferences. Swarm calls come in at all hours. If you are on the swarm list, you may be called at any time. Being on the swarm list does not guarantee that you will receive a call - swarm seasons can vary greatly. Those on the MABA swarm list must be current members, have the equipment…

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