2018: Gina Gallucci

Gina Gallucci
Gina Gallucci is a tireless MABA volunteer who cares deeply  about this organization. She is a Past President, and now, 6 years after stepping down from that tremendous job, she manages several other MABA programs. Gina is the voice of optimism and positive thinking. She sees and believes in the best in people, and when she gives advice she does it with an open heart. Gina has been working hard for bees, beekeepers, and MABA for many years. It’s impossible to know just how many beekeepers lives she has helped.
The MABA beekeeper of the year is someone who has not only demonstrated and promoted good beekeeping, but who also has served the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association as an outstanding volunteer. To nominate someone for this year’s award, fill out this form by September 1.  The award will be given at the September Picnic and Honey Show. Link to nominate:  www.memberplanet.com/s/mababc/beekeeperoftheyea