If you think you may have a swarm of honey bees, do not molest the swarm or kill them. Honey bees are the state insect of Georgia and are protected by law in the State of Georgia.

You may decide to do nothing if you have a swarm. As a rule, the swarm will identify a new nesting site on its own and will move to it within twenty-four hours. However, having the swarm removed by a MABA member is preferred because:

  • The honey bee colony is less likely to end up making their home in somebody’s house
  • The colony is more likely to survive if lives in a beekeeper’s hive where it can be tested for Varroa mites and diseases that currently devastate colonies.
  • With the help of a beekeeper, the swarm colony can produce an excess of honey (that beekeepers keep). And who doesn’t like local honey?