Citizen Science at Work

August 21st and 22nd of 2020, citizens of Georgia will be conducting the second statewide pollinator census.

This includes YOU if you live in Georgia! You will want to be a part of pollinator history!

Ten Steps in Participating in the Great Georgia Pollinator Census:

  1. Look at the Insect Counting & Identification Guide to become familiar with how to identify the insects you will see.
  2. Choose a favorite pollinator plant in your garden. This should be a plant that you have noticed attracts insects!
  3. Print out a counting sheet, find a pencil, grab a comfortable chair and a cool drink.
  4. Head to the garden and set up next to your pollinator plant.
  5. Set a timer for 15 minutes.
  6. Watch your plant for 15 minutes and count how many insects land on any part of that plant.
  7. Put those insects into the census categories: Carpenter Bee; Bumble Bee; Honey Bee; Small Bee; Wasp; Fly; Butterfly/Moth or Other Insects.
  8. Take your counting sheet to your computer and go to this website. Early on the morning of August 21st the portal will open for you to log your insect counts. Log your counts! Every count is important!
  9. Print out your Certificate of Participation. Hang it up! Show your friends!
  10. Pat yourself on the back. You did a great thing for pollinators