Junior Beekeeper Programs

Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association’s Junior Beekeeper programs are unique opportunities for children ages 6* – 13 to experience hands-on learning about our most powerful pollinators.Children will learn all about honey bees and beekeeping using a variety of methods before suiting up in protective gear and visiting a beehive with an experienced beekeeper!The day ends after extracting honey from a hive and participants are sent home with a personalized certificate, small bottle of honey, and other bee related goodies.All programs are held on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.The programs will be held on the following days in 2023, rain…

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Jeff with Swarm

Give a Swarm a good home

If you see honey bee swarm - a ball of bees in a tree or bush - that means they are seeking a new home. Help us find a good home for these bees - you don't want them nesting in your house. We will send a local member out to retrieve the colony for a better chance at survival. Please call Dave Marshall at 812-369-0401 right away before the swarm flies off to its new home. Before you call, please have the following information: How long has the swarm been at this location? What is the exact address of the…

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macayran @ Pixabay, carpenter bee on pink flower

Carpenter Bees

Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association is a club for honey bee keepers. There’s really no such thing as “keeping” or “moving” carpenter bees, but here is some basic information if you’re concerned about carpenter bees in your home. Freshly stained/painted wood doesn’t attract carpenter bees. There’s a brief page on them in this booklet published by the USDA that refers to this: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5306468.pdf —scroll down to page 10 People report diminished carpenter bee activity on freshly sealed or painted wood.    A great natural solution is to nail up (in an unobtrusive place) a 2 x 4 section of untreated lumber- it can…

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Hans @ Pixabay, honey jars in sunlight showing different colors, liquid and creamed honey

Buy Local Honey & Hive Products / Services

The following is a list of Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Club members that sell honey as well as other products of the hive. We do hope you will patronize our members who have worked hard to produce these products from their bees.If you are a MABA member and you wish to have your honey bee products listed here, please fill out this form. There is no extra charge for this membership benefit.

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