Honey Contests

Beekeepers like to compete with each other with their honey and other hive products. At Metro Atlanta Beekeepers these products are assessed by judges with internationally recognized qualifications.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our annual picnic and honey judging in September. Please check the events calendar for the date.

General Rules of the Honey Show:

  1. The honey show is open to any member who is attending the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association Fall Picnic who wishes to enter one or more classes, except as otherwise specifically provided for herein. The competition is open to individuals serving as judges, stewards, or show secretaries, and to the spouses, children, parents, or siblings of said individuals. However, judges, stewards and show secretaries will recuse themselves from judging classes that contain these individual’s entries.
  2. Entries must be received between (TBA) on September, 2018. No entries will be accepted after this deadline.
  3. Each Exhibitor must agree that each entry he or she submits was produced by the Exhibitor in conformity with the rules set forth herein.
  4. Each Exhibitor may make only one entry per class. Only one member of a family may make an entry into any single class.
  5. All exhibits must be produced by the exhibitor within the last calendar year with the exception of meads, alcoholic beverages, artworks, crafts, gadgets, and photography. Any exhibit previously submitted for consideration in any prior Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association Honey Show, with the exception of mead and alcoholic beverages, is not eligible for this competition.
  6. In instances where the exhibit may qualify for consideration in multiple classes, the exhibitor shall have the final decision as to which class to enter the exhibit. This selection will not be overturned by the judge(s). Said exhibit will be judged based on the criteria set forth in the selected class.
  7. Once exhibits have been accepted into the competition by the Steward or Show Secretary, they may not be altered in any way.
  8. After submitting entries to the Steward or Show Secretary, exhibitors may not enter the area where the exhibits have been placed.
  9. The Show Secretary, Stewards or Judges are the only persons who may enter the honey judging area.
  10. Judges will enter the honey show area after the close of exhibitor acceptance. This is to ensure as close to a blind judging as possible.
  11. Exhibits and other items not retrieved by the deadline posted for pick-up, shall be deemed abandoned, and shall be donated to the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association for future use or disposal. Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association is not responsible for any items left after the pick-up deadline.

Prizes and Awards:

It is the intention that ribbons will be given in all classes even if there is only one entry in the class. However, in order to receive an award that entry must be worthy of placement. Entry into a class does not guarantee an award. The decisions of the judges are final. After the announcement of awards, any exhibitor may meet with the class judge to discuss their entry and ask questions. The show administrator will appoint a referee who shall have final say in any matter pertaining to the contest if called upon. Exhibitors found willfully cheating, or purposefully altering or disfiguring an entry for the purpose of influencing the validity of judging will be disqualified from the contest, as well as from any future honey shows sponsored by Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association for a period of not less than three (3) years.

Cash and ribbons will be awarded to Best in Show, First, Second and Third place winners in each class. Prize cards with point values for participants in the Welsh Honey Judging Program will be awarded to the Best in Show winner and all First through Sixth place winners in all classes as follows:
Best in Show = 6 points
First Place = 6 points
Second Place = 5 points
Third Place = 4 points
Very Highly Commendable= 3 points
Highly Commendable = 2 points
Commendable = 1 point

The following categories will be accepted and judged at the Honey Show:
Class 1: Extracted Honey
(A) Light
(B) Medium
(C) Dark
Class 2: Creamed Honey
Class 3: Chunk Comb Honey
Class 4: Cut Comb Honey
Class 5: Novice
Class 6: Black jar
Class 7: Beeswax Block
Class 8: Beeswax Candles
(A) Dipped Tapers
(B) Molded Tapers
Class 9: Molded Ornamental Beeswax Candles
Class 10: Meads
(A) Sweet Meads
(B) Dry Meads
Class 11: Braggot (Beer and Ale made with honey)
Class 12: Honey Beverages
(C) Alcoholic
(D) Non-alcoholic
Class 13: Baked Goods with Honey
(A) Honey Confections
(B) Honey Breads
(C) Honey Cakes
Class 14: Artwork Related to Beekeeping
Class 15: Crafts Related to Beekeeping
Class 16: Notions, Potions, and Lotions
Class 17: Beekeeping Gadgets
Class 18: Photographs Related to Beekeeping

Rules for Individual Classes: